Friday, September 30, 2011

Zebra Print in Colour!

I know its bin a while sorry guys! But I'm back with a Bang...... of colours.
I got the inspiration for this look off a make-up artist on YouTube and also a nail art tutorial on YouTube, I said I'd give it ago and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. its quite simple and fun. Its definitely not for everyday wear but maybe you can find use for it or just try it out for fun!

I started with my everyday foundation Rimmel (100 Ivory) 16hr long lasting full coverage, then I used my neon eyeshadow pallet and placed the colours in different areas you can have fun with this and play around both eyes can be different, when your happy with the base of colours scrunch up your eyes as tight as you can one at a time (get a friend to help if you need to do both at the same time) and get a fluffy blending brush and with a matte black eye shadow (I used Calvin Klein 111 Night Dust) and softly blend it across your eyes while you have then scrunched up. When you open your eyes it'll have a zebra look too it (try your best to get it right 1st time around its hard to go back over it) It should look something like this.

When you have that finished tight line your eyes and with a gel liner, line your lash line as close as you can, then with your favourite mascara use lashings of it on your lashes. I then cleaned up my foundation with concealer and under the eyes, powder your hole face lightly (be careful around the eye area) contour your checks with a matte bronzer. Your skin is now done... you can leave your lips very natural with a clear or pink tint gloss or as i did go mad and use a very bright lipstick i used Orange by BeYu.

  Hope you like this look guys try it out for yourself and remember to 
comment and keep following! :)