Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mid Night Blue Smoke.

This lovely Mid Night Blue Smokey eye make up is perfect for night out of partying or clubbing! It would look great with both a black or blue/navy dress and for girls with blue eyes your eyes will stand out so much, i love this look and its very easy to do with only a few simple products and with loads of blending and you will have this look down to a tee! It is quite a heavy look so the rest of your make-up should look quite natural. 

Products I used in this look are listed below: 

 Navy cream eyeshadow
Black Glitter loose eyeshadow
 Gun Metal Grey pressed eyeshadow
  Light grey loose eyeshadow 
♥ Metallic White loose eyeshadow 
Bright Sky Blue pressed eyeshadow
 NYC Volume Mascara
 Calvin Kline Gel Eyeliner

Hope you like it.. I will have more Make-up looks up in the next few days and please keep following  and commenting and a huge THANK YOU ♥ to everyone who has followed and commented so far!

And if anyone would like to see how I did my nails please comment...
 if enough people asked for it i'll put up step by step pictures on how to do it :)

Animal Print Nails.


  1. Love this look! You are so beautiful!! :]

  2. i LOVELOVELOVE your nails! and this is a gorgeous look


  3. Lovely eye makeup and pretty nails too.

  4. Gorgoeus! Love the nails too x

  5. gorgeous look! I really like blue smokey eyes!

  6. Beautiful! Looks really good on you. (:

  7. I love your makeup! That's stunning. And yes yes, I would like to know how you did your nails. =)


  8. i wanna see how you did your nails,so pleaaaase do a step by step post :D