Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Golly GOSH.

 NEW STUFF :) I love finding a bargains especially when its on my favorite products and in gorgeous colours! I was shopping yesterday and found half price Gosh in my local drug store and I was a very happy camper. I found a fab Copper coloured eyeshadow down from €9:99 to €4:49 i have yet to try it but wen i do i'll be sure to post the look. I'm gonna show you the product and a swab of the colour its a lovely really pigmented, metallic which comes out very bright I really do love it and I plan to buy more colours and i'll show you them too... I love Gosh they do some really great colours that can be hard to find by other cosmetic company's and there so pigmented and last so long! 

GOSH Effect Powder: Copper.

This is a small swab of the colour on my hand just to show 
you what its like on skin.

♥ I really do Love Love Love this colour the metallic tint is fab its the best €5 ever spent and i just found this image on Google and its kinda the look i might try and will post for you all to see so this is just a hint of an idea of whats to come!


  1. I am a huge fan of copper colors and this one is pigmented that it's perfect! Love the way, just found your blog and really like it!

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  2. love seein new ppl on my blog plz follow and keep commenting i love this colour too its great easy to work wit too! i'll def look up ur blog

  3. soooo beautiful

  4. i adore ghosh and i think i'll invest in these shadows...