Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Green Eyed Monster.

 Love this look... great for green eyes this is a super easy and super quick look to do and will draw loads of attention to your eyes. Great for a night out or party or can be toned down for everyday wear too. I love the tones in the green and the gold really sets it off and nicely highlights the brow bone and also brings out the yellow/gold flecks in the lighter green. The black gel liner and false lashes really add to the intensity off the look and give the impression of think sexy lashes.

Finished Look. 

I used a cream eyeshadow base and used a light green shimmer pigment (with yellow/gold flecks) all over the lid, up over the crease and under the lower lashes, I then put a much darker forest green over the lid and blended it up towards the crease also just under the lower lashes and blended it down into the lighter green. Above the light green on the crease I placed a gold pigment all the way up to the brow bone and also on the inner corner of the eye. Your almost done just line your water line top and bottom then take a very small eye liner brush and line the lash line with a gel or liquid liner draw the liner out from the corner of your eye and follow your longest lash to create a Cat Eye (if u don't like the cat eye look just finish it where the lashes end) then get your favorite false lashes and apply to give your lashes a thicker sexier look ;) finish your lower lashes with lashings of mascara and if you haven't already done your foundation powder blusher etc. do so and your ready to PARTY!

Finished Look Closed.

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