Thursday, February 24, 2011

Circus Eyes.

A little bit of madness inspired by The Circus.... just from the colours and the craziness of the look in general and the top hat finished the look off. I used this picture in my portfolio for college and I was very happy with it! Its a hard look to put into word but just look and make what you want of it and try copy it if you like. Very long list of products used so match up and use what you have even if you chance the colours altogether... the lashes were purchased in a discount store for €2:99 and I love them, just shows not everything has to cost a fortune and can be just as good as something that cost very little... so keep your eyes open to bargains!


  1. madness = art!
    i love the makeup!

  2. These are soo pretty and crazy at the same time, I just wanna try them out for the fun of it:p