Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Make up Trends

Bright, Bold in your Face Make-up! 

Like Fashion Make-up moves with the seasons and it can really add to an outfit and complete a look. So spice up your wardrobe and your make-up bag with the amazing trend for Spring/Summer, but make sure the make-up suits your skin tone and don't just wear it because its trendy! Sooooooooo.... whats Hot this year?

 Bold Bright Lips
Red, Orange as well as Hot Pink (my fav) are just some of the colors which are rite on trend, use a matte version of these shades and keep the rest of your make-up very natural use your favorite foundation and powder and emphasize your eyes with lashings of black mascara also use black eyeliner on the root of your lashes to create fuller looking lashes.

Bold Lip

Almost Nude.
Keep it natural... pretty must your trying to achieve the "I'm not wearing make-up" even when you are look. Use a foundation, concealer and a light translucent powder to get the flawless looking skin look, use a touch of blush on the apples of the cheeks, a coat of mascara and leave the lips natural or use a very natural looking lipstick and your done and also on trend!

Natural Look.

Bright Eyeshadow
Wearing bright bold eye shadows is a great way to attract attention to your eyes and its a change from the usual browns or black. I love this look but don't think I'd be brave enough to try it it'd be great for a night out but can be hard to pull off. Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue seem to be the colors to try out, if your gonna go mad and try one make sure and use it in block colors with a heavy black liquid liner along the lash line and loads of mascara and keep the lips very natural or if your really brave go for a contrasting colors like... Bright lime green eyes with a red lip. (hmmmm not for me!!!)

Bright Eyes.


  1. Lovely post! I do the 'almost nude' look all the time but since it's summer here I've been bringing out the bold lips! :) x

  2. going "almost nude" is great then when you do, do something different like the bold lip you get noticed for doing something a bit more out there! tanx for following and keep up commenting and checking up on my posts :)