Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween is Approaching!

  This is a look for those who like to go a bit mad or just want to use it for a Halloween look, it can be adapted to your own taste or style. As a Halloween look it can be used for a female Devil or Vampire or if you have your own idea for it use it as you please. Its a basic smokey black eye with feather lashes and a blood red lip and also red eyebrows for a little more fun! Hope you like it :)


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Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vintage Rose

This is just a short post, showing you all a few pictures of my nails. Its a really easy, simple design and very cute and a change up from a basic colour. Have a go yourself at this vintage rose style design its very hard to explain but just look over the pictures and have a go! Hope you like it and don't forget to comment and keep following. 

That's its guys hope you like it :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Zebra Print in Colour!

I know its bin a while sorry guys! But I'm back with a Bang...... of colours.
I got the inspiration for this look off a make-up artist on YouTube and also a nail art tutorial on YouTube, I said I'd give it ago and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. its quite simple and fun. Its definitely not for everyday wear but maybe you can find use for it or just try it out for fun!

I started with my everyday foundation Rimmel (100 Ivory) 16hr long lasting full coverage, then I used my neon eyeshadow pallet and placed the colours in different areas you can have fun with this and play around both eyes can be different, when your happy with the base of colours scrunch up your eyes as tight as you can one at a time (get a friend to help if you need to do both at the same time) and get a fluffy blending brush and with a matte black eye shadow (I used Calvin Klein 111 Night Dust) and softly blend it across your eyes while you have then scrunched up. When you open your eyes it'll have a zebra look too it (try your best to get it right 1st time around its hard to go back over it) It should look something like this.

When you have that finished tight line your eyes and with a gel liner, line your lash line as close as you can, then with your favourite mascara use lashings of it on your lashes. I then cleaned up my foundation with concealer and under the eyes, powder your hole face lightly (be careful around the eye area) contour your checks with a matte bronzer. Your skin is now done... you can leave your lips very natural with a clear or pink tint gloss or as i did go mad and use a very bright lipstick i used Orange by BeYu.

  Hope you like this look guys try it out for yourself and remember to 
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Moment Of Madness.

As the title says this was a little "moment of madness" playing with Make-up with no idea or vision just time to play... my favourite way to do Make-up! Its a mixture of greens and yellows.

I started out with a green cream eyeshadow all over my lid then on top I used a forest green eyeshadow blended into a lighter green and I used a pressed yellow eyeshadow as the highlighter, I then filled in my brows with a brown shadow and used a thin liner brush and a gel liner along my lash line and lashings of mascara. And on the lips I used Pillar Box Red (a lush vibrant red). After that just my everyday foundation and a translucent powder and bronzer to give depth to my cheek bones.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nails, nails, nails!

Soooooooooooo... finally I got a chance to get down and do my nails again :)
I hope you can get where I'm going with them and you can give them ago yourself. I hope they work out, I only did two nails this time and I changed it up a little so let me no how they work out for you. They are very easy to do you just need patience and a steady hand :) I have pic's and I'll explain step by step how i did them.

What you need:

White OPI Varnish
Metallic Silver W7
Jet Black NYC
(Any) Top Coat
Tiny/Thin Paint Brush
Nail Varnish Remover
Cotton Buds

1st: Start with your base coat I used metallic silver by W7 and white by OPI and change it up with every 3rd or 2nd nail painted white. Do two good coats of the two colours and let them dry completely.

2nd: Using your paint brush and the NYC jet black shape out your leopard print different sizes directions and shapes. And then patientently do the zebra print (copy the picture) and let them dry again.

3rd: When the black is completely dry fill in the leopard print with the OPI white and again let them dry completely and cover with a top coat if needed. Clean up and mistakes with nail varnish remover using a cotton bud and then FINITO your done! Hopefully they worked out for you :)
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Strike a Pose.

Hey Guys,
SORRY!!! I haven't bin posting anything in the last few weeks,
 but I have some exciting news! 
Over the past 2 weeks I have gotten the chance to work with a photographer, someone I have bin following for the last while, so I contacted him to see if he'd be interested in working with me and he kindly gave me a chance to "work my magic" :) 
Colin Price is his name and his work is beautiful really quirkie and so different, I'm so happy he gave me this chance... check him out on Facebook and follow his blog



Here are few shots that were taken the first look is very painterly with vibrant colours with a very bold orange lip which I'm loving and the second look is almost Barbie with loads of pink with big fluttery lashes.

Photographer: Colin Price
Model: Rachel Doyle
Makeup: Holly Doyle
Hair: Alix Maher (Team Lynda Mahers)

Let me know what you all think leave comments and keep following and also check out Colin's Facebook Page and Blog

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chocolate Heaven ♥

This is a really quick post to show you the make-up look I was wearing today I am actually heading to work soon and this is what I felt like doing today... it reminds me of creamy milk chocolate mixed with dark chocolate lol you may disagree but that's my thoughts on it. Its my favourite look to wear and looks great with blue eyes I really hope you like it and I promise I will have more looks up soon and a step to step guide to my nails in my last post :) Tanx again for following guys and keep the comments coming! x

Its such a simple brown smokey eye but one that everyone has to have a go at and try themselves with a thin line of gel eye liner and lashings of mascara it looks great!  

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mid Night Blue Smoke.

This lovely Mid Night Blue Smokey eye make up is perfect for night out of partying or clubbing! It would look great with both a black or blue/navy dress and for girls with blue eyes your eyes will stand out so much, i love this look and its very easy to do with only a few simple products and with loads of blending and you will have this look down to a tee! It is quite a heavy look so the rest of your make-up should look quite natural. 

Products I used in this look are listed below: 

 Navy cream eyeshadow
Black Glitter loose eyeshadow
 Gun Metal Grey pressed eyeshadow
  Light grey loose eyeshadow 
♥ Metallic White loose eyeshadow 
Bright Sky Blue pressed eyeshadow
 NYC Volume Mascara
 Calvin Kline Gel Eyeliner

Hope you like it.. I will have more Make-up looks up in the next few days and please keep following  and commenting and a huge THANK YOU ♥ to everyone who has followed and commented so far!

And if anyone would like to see how I did my nails please comment...
 if enough people asked for it i'll put up step by step pictures on how to do it :)

Animal Print Nails.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Back....

Hey Guys, 
Sorry I haven't bin putting up posts in the last few weeks i was working and also had no internet :( for a few weeks but I'm back! I'm still working on my "whats next" looks, I will have 3 looks up very very soon but for now i wanna show you my March haul.... I went to my favorite make-up store in town it has some great deals and there stuff is lovely so pretty and well packaged it sells all sort of products and brands from expensive to very cheap. I love it... anyway enough talking I'm gonna show you pics of what I bought and give u a little insight to what i think of each product .

March Haul.

I bought Calvin Klein loose powder and Black gel eye liner, Velvet Lip Colour 
and Skin Essentias 24 hour Moisturizer. 

Calvin Klein Loose Powder.
This Calvin Klein Loose Powder is in Translucent its brill it really dose keep your foundation in place and unlike some Translucent powders has no tint to it some I'v used in the past darkened my foundation even tho they were ment to be translucent in colour but this one is the best I'v used so far! And i'v only had it 2 weeks and I'v used hardly any it goes a really long way. Here in Ireland it cost €7:99 and it also comes with a handy powder puff, the only bad thing i'd say is the holes at the top of the container are to big and every time u move the container powder comes out in handfuls but you can easily shake it back into the tub.

Calvin Klein Gel Liner.

I Love this Gel Eye Liner its my favorite it lasts so long and also its not to hard or soft its just right and spreads brilliantly you only need a tiny amount and is so easy to manipulate and make lines and designs with. I absolutely love Calvin Klein's packaging also its really modern and classic! I have noting bad to say about this eye liner it costs €6:99 and I love it!

Velvet Lip Colour.
This Lip Colour is like a lip stick in a tub but with more of a powdery finish its lovely to wear but very light colour its a white/pink like a baby pink wit more of a bright pink tint to it. Its costs me €1:00 and I really like it but I don't wear it to often looks great with Brown Smokey Eye or classic winged eye liner. 

Skin Essentials.
I'm really liking this moisturizer I decided to change My moisturizer up and i picked this one, I liked the look of it and its great really light and soaks in lovely to your skin and leaves a lovely smooth finish. Its only €3:95 and its last ages because you need so little of it. I have noting bad to say about this either, I was very happy with everything I bought and would recommend it all for you to try!   

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Next?

What look would you all like to see next something bright and colorful or dark and grey... smoky black or bright eyes and checks a dark lip or something natural? comment with your thoughts and i'll see whats the most popular! 


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Copper Eyes

This the look I came up with using my new GOSH copper pigment not gonna say much about it, its pretty much self explanatory its a smokey brown using the copper on a lot ofthe lid and  heavy black mascara. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Golly GOSH.

 NEW STUFF :) I love finding a bargains especially when its on my favorite products and in gorgeous colours! I was shopping yesterday and found half price Gosh in my local drug store and I was a very happy camper. I found a fab Copper coloured eyeshadow down from €9:99 to €4:49 i have yet to try it but wen i do i'll be sure to post the look. I'm gonna show you the product and a swab of the colour its a lovely really pigmented, metallic which comes out very bright I really do love it and I plan to buy more colours and i'll show you them too... I love Gosh they do some really great colours that can be hard to find by other cosmetic company's and there so pigmented and last so long! 

GOSH Effect Powder: Copper.

This is a small swab of the colour on my hand just to show 
you what its like on skin.

♥ I really do Love Love Love this colour the metallic tint is fab its the best €5 ever spent and i just found this image on Google and its kinda the look i might try and will post for you all to see so this is just a hint of an idea of whats to come!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Circus Eyes.

A little bit of madness inspired by The Circus.... just from the colours and the craziness of the look in general and the top hat finished the look off. I used this picture in my portfolio for college and I was very happy with it! Its a hard look to put into word but just look and make what you want of it and try copy it if you like. Very long list of products used so match up and use what you have even if you chance the colours altogether... the lashes were purchased in a discount store for €2:99 and I love them, just shows not everything has to cost a fortune and can be just as good as something that cost very little... so keep your eyes open to bargains!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brighten up your day!

Another look for you guys its an eye catching bright Pink lip with Bright Green eyeshadow its so simple and fast to do and looks great! Inspired by the hot looks for Spring/Summer 2011. I really am loving this! :) 

Listed below products I used:   
Bubble Gum Pink lipstick (matt with no shine) 
NYC 5th Avenue (lime green)
Calvin Klein liquid liner Black 
NYC lashes 
Rimmel 16Hr Lasting foundation #100
Lacura Translucent Powder #10
Art Deco Blusher (rose)